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About Me

Strategic Brand Manager/ Sales & Marketing Professional/ Product Designer-Developer-Manager/ End to end Sourcing of Apparel & Gear/ Content Creator/ Imagineer/ Architectural Student ...  
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Inspired by life in the outdoors from the ocean to the mountains, including the odd concrete jungle in between. The brand strategy, sourcing, design/ development, sales & marketing of apparel & accessories has been an ongoing journey that sees the lines between work and play blur.

With necessity being the mother of invention, the apparel and accessories I have been involved in developing over the past 20 years has been designed to further enhance the user experience through a blending of high quality, functional materials/trims and mindful product design. 

Having played a lead role for both branded goods co's and multi-national corporations developing apparel and accessories to be worn/ used  in some of the world's harshest environments, the finished product/s, along with positive customer feedback  both solid endorsements as to the quality/function proposition that forms the core of my design mantra. 
Leaving a senior marketing role I began work in the apparel industry performing a sourcing / quality control role for an international surfwear company late 1999, and since that time my love of the industry, combined with a passion for art and design has seen me expand my skillset to include graphic design and content creation, strategic brand management, sales & marketing and more ...With these core competencies applicable and readily transferable to a wide variety of roles spanning a number of industries. 

The latest chapter in my working life was focused on conceptualisation, end to end design and development of an eco-savvy branded apparel company. A project that distilled my past experiences in sourcing, product design/development, the creation of brand collateral and strategic brand management into a refined offering aimed at realising a more holistic and sustainable future.

  ... and then along came Covid-19 : ( 

The impacts that Covid-19 is having on businesses can perhaps be likened to that of being in the path of a tornado. You can be in the tornado's path and smashed by its impact, or be situated right next to the tornado's path, viewing the damage left in the tornado's wake though left largely unaffected? The randomness of it all not planned for pre-covid, so looking to apply lessons learnt to Manage the Damage moving forward ; )

As a result I'm currently putting my diverse skill set to good use and as with many individuals/ businesses pivoting (more like a pirouette) to adapt to the current and ever changing landscape as presented by the Covid-19 pandemic . 
In addition to taking time to get some major renovations done on the house, I've been designing websites, shooting video, designing new product, consulting on marketing strategy, strategic brand management ....  All this whilst searching for a meaningful full time role that puts my wider skill set to good use : )  
It's not all work though and in conjunction with the rollercoaster ride that is the Covid-19 pandemic I've been lucky enough to balance my work load  with time spent in the outdoors, enjoying the La Nina summer heat, the colours of Autumn and a couple of crisp Southern winters, and time spent with my extended whanau ... 

So weathering the storm that is the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping me busy and on the look out for new and exciting work opportunities. 

The transferrable skills I have developed, including but not limited to ;

Skill Set





Sales & Marketing - Collaborative Strategy & Execution










Web Design

















Contact Me

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I love meeting people, and am looking for meaningful work whether collaborating on your project/s or embarking on a new full time role, so reach out for a chat, we can talk about your project / the role on offer with your company, and see how together we can take it to the next level. 

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