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Strategic Brand Management:  A look through the lens @ Good Shirt, eco-savvy clothing co's Brand DNA & Vision
Good Shirt's brand DNA is omnipresent in all parts of the company, with a mindful approach to sustainability instilled company wide at the inception of the brand.  
The writing's on the wall as penned by the scientists the world over, with a consensus on human-induced warming of planet earth, and that we need to collectively action a future that takes into account the impact we're having as a species on the natural world so that both current and future generations can continue to co-exist with nature and enjoy the benefits this brings.
Good Shirt was borne out of a heartfelt desire to play a small but pro-active role in helping to reduce the amount of single use plastic choking the worlds oceans and landfills by diverting PET plastic into recycled fabrics for use in clothing & gear. The decision to take a "dyed in the wool" approach as an eco-minded brand shaping long term strategy / SDG's at the company's core and reverberating outwards.
Sustainable initiatives are not simply a marketing KPI, or some lofty ideal, it seems now sustainable practices are a fundamental requirement all companies (& individuals) need to adopt to guarantee a Happy, Healthy Planet Earth and occupants.   
Brand vision and linked goals are mutually inclusive, and only possible through the support of (and for) community. Connecting a tribe whom are passionate about sharing the role of "Kaitiaki"*  by applying an above average duty of care to the natural world to their daily lives.   
In taking on the role of a guide/ guardian, Good Shirt looks to assist the heroes among us whom are navigating the roadblocks, actioning positive initiatives and making conscious decisions that are helping us realise a more sustainable life.  Who knew that the humble tee shirt could have such aspirations? 
A small selection of visual stories designed to be used in the introduction of Good Shirt product to B2B clients or customers can be viewed below. Whilst videos made specifically for B2B clients differ from those made for the end user the through-lines of both formats is consistent to the GS brand DNA.  
After recently taking part in a course on video storytelling  more video stories are currently in the works. Stories told that seek to convey more of who we are, stories that engage with our tribe. In addition, we'll hear stories from our customers/ clients, talk of our shared values ....  
So many moving parts in this projects journey where in converting trash to treasure we collaborate with artists and imagineers to inspire positive change  ; ) 
For more on this initiative click here to be taken to Good Shirt's  website.
* Kaitiaki -  Guardians

A kaitiaki is a person or group that is recognised as a guardian by the tangata whenua (tribal group with authority in a particular area). For instance, a hapū (sub-tribe) may be the kaitiaki for a lake or a forest.  

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