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Contracting Work

While studying for a Diploma in Architectural Technology which will see me qualified as an Architectural Technician/ Draftsperson in 2024 I have returned to the construction industry, immersing myself in the industry to gain deeper insights into the constantly evolving NZ building code, building techniques and building materials.


Working  across a range of trades my main focus is on producing  high quality work construction/finishing using sustainable materials and construction  methods. 


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Versus New Builds renovations can present unforeseen challenges so my M.O. is expect the unexpected and think outside the box to problem solve, whilst ensuring that available solutions are inline with NZ building code requirements and the quality of finish is equal to that of a new build.    

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Transforming a building through thoughtful design that aims to improve the liveability of the space through improved functionality and thermal performance can be both a challenging and rewarding endeavour.

In working on both the design side and on the tools I get a great sense of job satisfaction in seeing  the  concept design move from a sketch through to  the completed project. 

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jack of all trades, master of 1+ ; )

With a Trade Cert in Painting & Decorating secured in my 1st job out of school, the years that followed saw me advance my skillset and career both in the trades, and in the wider business sense. With the common thread through various roles being  a strong attachment to design. Coming full circle and returning to the construction  my latest foray being in Architecture with the end goal being to develop a new build model which brings together an architectural design aesthetic,  a high level of thermal performance (Nr Passive/Passive), at a significantly reduced per sqm build cost.   
Stay Tuned!   

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Embracing new experiences, life long learning, enjoying & caring for people & the planet  part of  my joie de vivre! 

When the lines of work and play blur the enjoyment is infectious so feeling lucky to have a semi-charmed kind of life where this happens on a regular basis. 😊🤙


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