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Designing SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT with a blend of hard & soft thinking.
"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." 
My Planning & content creation is intrinsically linked to a brands DNA.
Applying KPIs to measure and improve brand awareness & value through
creative content that resonates, engages and grows your audience.

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Awe-inspiring PHOTOGRAPHY  
"Capturing both still and moving visual imagery across a range of genres including Landscapes, Action Sports, Lifestyle ... these still & moving pictures telling compelling stories of people and place.       

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 The editorial and copy I write looks to embody observations as made by David Ogilvy with regard to the "killer and the poet"

With this approach I blend the art and science of writing copy & editorial resultant in text that seeks to engage, persuade and inspire!

The combining of inspirational visual imagery with practical, persuasive and succinct text that is linked to analytics, provides a measurable strategy that both enhances 
brand awareness & drives increased sales.

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 Merging the rules of photography, graphic design and illustration with creative endeavour to produce compelling content across a wide range of mediums from Social Media posts to Advertisements ... and beyond   

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